The flu season is coming in and many people are now getting the flu shot. But it's not just flu shots that some are having, they also get the H1N1 shot. But should you have the H1N1 shot? If you happen to not know it, you should know that there are H1N1 vaccine risks. CBS's Family Show revealed the risks of H1N1 vaccine--it may cause Guillian Bar Syndrome, a type of brain disorder, to be developed in those who are injected with H1N1 vaccine. The death rate of GBS is 2 to 3 persons in every 100 cases. According to Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the estimated risk of developing GBS from H1N1 vaccine shot is 1 in a million. This risk is quite slim but knowing that there is a risk involved in having the H1N1 shot, people are now thinking twice before getting the shot. Now the question is this: is the risk worth the point in having the shot?


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