We are now in the age where technology can bring us limitless possibilities. lmost everything is possible now with the kind of technological advancement that we have now. In the field of home security, technology has also brought us great innovations. Have you heard about the keyless lock? Yes, a lock that do not need a key, all it needs to open is the owner's fingerprint. With this kind of lock you won't be worrying about losing the key of having someone steal it from you. This is quite cool you know, you just expose your fingerprint on its eye and you are able to open or lock your door. This is also good for families because the need for many duplicate keys for your family members is eliminated; the keyless lock can be set to recognize the finger prints of your kids too, you can program it to allow them access to some areas for some time. I guess some people find it scary to have your thumb print as your key because thieves might cut off your thumb and use it to open the door to your home. But of course this possibility is so wild, it is easier to lose a key than to lose a thumb to robbers.

Home buyers nowadays are opting for the keyless lock because it is more practical and it is really in style. Aside from that it brings in more security to your home or business. So you think that things like these can only be seen in James Bond movies, no, it is real and anyone can now have this kind of security, thanks to technology. We are now in a new era, the digital age, so it is high time to make everything digital to make our lives easier. The keyless lock is of the the best innovations that modern technology has brought us.


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