those who know about the band Journey know who Arnel Pineda is, he is the new vocalist of the band. Journey is known for their great ballads that require strong, high-octave vocals that are not easy to execute. Arnel Pineda is a Filipino rock singer who was discovered by Neil Schon, Journey's member, on YouTube. Journey at that time had been looking for and trying on different vocalists after an accident left their original vocalist, Steve Perry, incapable of singing their kind of songs again.

Arnel Pineda's story is something that can be very inspiring to those who dream big. Pineda did not really dream big, it just happened that Journey found him on Youtube and thought that he was the guy they were looking for. Pineda was born and raised in the Philippines and his fmily was poor. His mother trained him in music early in his life but heart disease took his mother when he was just a young boy and left the family in debt. Because of extreme poverty Pineda experienced living in the streets and earning a little money for food from the bottles and other garbage he could find and sell to the junk shop. When he was 15 he formed a band with his friends. He was so good at singing that he soon performed with different bands in hotels and bars in the Philippines and then later on abroad. When he was with the Filipino band The Zoo he sang cover songs from bands like Journey, Survivor, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Air Supply, Eagles, and Kenny Loggins. It was during this time that some of his performances got their way to Youtube and was discovered by Neil Schon.

Now, Arnel Pineda will be gueating on Oprah. The shows episode will be about dreams that were achieved because the dreamers never stopped believing. If you want to be inspired, don't miss this episode of Oprah. Here the promo video of the episode of Oprah where Arnel Pineda is a guest:


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