Because of being expelled from Bandeirante University (in Brazil), Geisy Arruda is now hot on the web and on the headlines in Brazil. Arruda was a 20-year-old student in the said university until October 21. Why was she expelled from the university? The reason for her expulsion is what makes her hot now on the web. According to the authorities in the university, she "disrespected ethical principles, academic dignity and morality" by wearing "inadequate" clothes to school. The last time she wore such "inadequate" clothing in school she was escorted out of the school premises by the police.

How inadequate was her clothing? Just watch the Geisy Arruda video below. But personally, I guess it is not that skimpy--the dress she wore that day. Yes, I've seem girls wearing lesser than that in school and they are just ignored. But of course we are all entitled to our own opinions. If you are looking for some Geisy Arruda photo, I guess the videos below are good enough for that purpose.


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