Shaniya Davis, a five-year-old girl, caught our attention a few days ago when she was reported missing and later found dead, her body hidden in a heavily wooded area 100 meters off Walker Road, off N.C. Highway 87, on Monday. Investigations revealed that the mother of the Shaniya is involved in her death. Antoinette Davis, 25, is charged with child abuse involving prostitution and trafficking her daughter. An autopsy is currently being conducted on the Shaniya to determine the cause of her death. Everyone wants to know the Shaniya Davis cause of death because this case is really out of the ordinary. A mother is implicated in the killing of her own five-year-old daughter. The Shaniya Davis autopsy results will be coming in anytime so I will be posting it here when it is already released.

The autopsy report has just came in and the cause of Shaniya's death is asphyxiation.


  1. Anonymous said...

    This child, Shaniya Davis, must have gone through hell her last days and moments at the hands of animals "AKA MEN!" Oh, how this child must have suffered. How does a mother put her child in that position? What kind of mother offers her 5 year old little girl up for prostitution. What kind of father releases his daughter into the care of a known prostitute and drug user? The heart break and pain I feel is for Shaniya...all else can go to HELL!  

  2. Anonymous said...

    this is a terrible tragedy and this childs mother and this monster who raped and killed her should be put str8 to death, but get off the father; he could not have know that this would happen. He was trying to allow this woman interaction with her child, like a good father would. My heart goes out to this man. Dont you think he's beating himself down enuff without people like u talkin out the side of their necks...  

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