Watch Flash Forward Season 1 Episode 7
The title of Flash Forward Season 1 Episode 7 is "The Gift" in this episode the Blue hand Club is being investigated by Mark, Demetri, Gough and MI6 agent Fiona Banks. The team are looking into the possibility that the club is in one way or another connected with a series of suicides. On the other hand, a former army friend of Aaron's late daughter gives him a surprise visit. Bryce gets the help of Nicole in solving the mystery of his flashforward.

Flashforward is one of my favorites and I don't miss any episode. You too can follow it by watching it online via streaming. I have here a URL of the site where you can Watch Flash Forward Season 1 Episode 7 in full:


  1. rakeback said...

    Flash Forward has taken some very interesting turns lately, but as the suicide of the FBI agent proved, there is a paradox in people seeing their future. If they can kill themselves they alter what happens to everyone else seen in their flash forward and thus change the future. The show reminds me of Back To The Future.  

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