Meteor Shower November 16th
Meteor Shower November 16th. Don't let this wonderful spectacle in the night sky pass you by. Don't sleep during the wee hours of November 16 because it is the time for the Leonid meteor shower. Those who live in the northern hemisphere, especially those who live in North America will be rewarded with such a wonderful spectacle of shooting stars that last for a few hours.

Here is what the National Geographic says about the Leonid meteor showers:

Like other meteor showers, such as the Perseids and the Orionids, the Leonids happen when Earth plows through a trail of debris left in the wake of a comet orbiting the sun.


  1. Ryan said...

    Beautiful. It's a clear night here in the Northeast....looking forward to the show.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Is it tonight? People are trying to tell me it is Tuesday night/wednesday morning?  

  3. scott said...

    do you know when it starts for the east coast  

  4. cristine said...

    nice but i didn't see it live  

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