Surviving Mesothelioma
Cancer is a dreaded disease, many people who are diagnosed with cancer suffer too much emotional torment which contribute so much in the deterioration of their health. The sheer knowledge that you have cancer could be enough to kill you if you are not that strong emotionally. But there are those who are really tenacious of life and strong in spirit that they survive cancer. Take for example the case of Paul Kraus; he was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 1997 and was told by his doctor that he has months to live. If Mr. Kraus was not strong in spirit he would have succumbed to mesothelioma cancer. But he did not give up; with the support of his family he fought bravely and wisely and did not let the mesothelioma prognosis break him down; he studied the nature of his cancer and developed, with the help of his doctors and family, a health regimen that helped him in his goal of surviving mesothelioma. He made extensive research on the different kinds of therapy that could help mesothelioma patients. He also gleaned every knowledge available for him about the different ways of treating cancer like chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and alternative medicine.

Because of his very strong will to survive, Paul Kraus survived mesothelioma. It is now 12 years since he was told that he has months to live, it is quite a miracle that he survived. But it is not really a miracle, he just did what he needed to do to survive. Now Paul Kraus has written a book that is intended to help those who are also suffering from cancer, especially mesothelioma asbestos. The book, which is entitled "Surviving Mesothelioma" is borne out of Mr. Kraus' first hand experience with cancer, it is rife with knowledge about the various methods of fighting the disease. But most of all, this book will give strenght to those who have mesothelioma. The book also teaches a lot about the right attitude that cancer patients must have. If you have cancer now, particularly mesothelioma, this book will help you a lot. For a limited time this book is given out for free to those who have just been diagnosed with mesothelioma. If you want your free copy of the book, just visit the site of Surviving Mesothelioma and click the link there that lead to the page where you can fill a form for the copy of the book.


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