Watch Supernatural Season 5 Episode 8
The title of Watch Supernatural Season 5 Episode 8 is "Changing Channels," in this episode Sam and Dean discovers that their lives are lived as if it is a television show. It looks like a new kind of reality show and they are thinking that the Trickster could be responsible for it. The TV-show-like experience of the two is like a roller coaster ride from a hospital drama to a game show (which is Japanese inspired) and to a crime procedural. They are dizzy with the bizarreness of it all and they want to get out of it but they are trapped in a dreamlike TV where the user keeps on changing channels.

Don't miss this bizarre episode of Supernatural, it will make you dizzy like Sam and Dean. If you missed it on TV, just watch it online via streaming, here is one site where you can Watch Supernatural Season 5 Episode 8:


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