Watch Merlin Season 2 Episode 10
Watch Merlin Season 2 Episode 10. King Alined sends his kingdom's diplomats to Camelot to have "peace talks" with the king. But it is not really peace that Alined is after, he really wants war. Alined is resolved to do everything to create causes for war, he even plans to use magic to be able to push through with his dark plans. The jester sent by Alined casts a spell on Arthur so that the king becomes so infatuated with Vivian, the daughter of King Olaf. This causes trouble a chain of trouble that looks as if it will make Alined's dark plan happen.

Don't miss this episode, this is one of the best episodes of Merlin. You can watch it online from same websites that has the episode. I did a little search and I found one site where you can Watch Merlin Season 2 Episode 10, here is the site:


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