Watch CSI NY Season 6 Episode 6
It is quite unbelievable for a software company executive to just bleed to death on the street, right in the middle of Manhattan, but it happened. This is what the CSI team investigates in CSI NY Season 6 Episode 6, which is entitled "It Happened to Me." To find out why the executive bled to death the CSI team goes deep into the world of food “sploshing” parties because the evidences they are collecting point them to this world as where they could possibly find the killer.

Again this is an exciting new episode that you shouldn't miss. If you've missed its airing and can't watch it on TV, why not just watch it online, via streaming. There are mny site that can help you out in this one, like the URL I have below where you can Watch CSI NY Season 6 Episode 6 in full. Enjoy!


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