Watch Dexter Season 4 Episode 6
The title of Dexter Season 4 Episode 6 is "If I Had a Hammer." Dexter realizes that the Miami Metro will soon find out about the latest doings of the Trinity killer so he plans on working twice as hard to be always ahead of the investigating team. Dexter decides that the more close he gets to Trinity, the more chance he is at learning from it, which a a very different kind of thing to handle. Dexter knows that Trinity is so secure in the cover that he has and that he needs extra effort to discover who is Trinity. On the other hand, Debra feels so disappointed that she is shut out from her own case. She toys with the idea of pushing the rules to the edge in the name of justice, risking her profession in the process.

If you missed this episode, you can still watch it online via streaming, there's a website I've found where you can watch the full episode, here is the URL of the site:


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