Watch Blue Mountain State Season 1 Episode 6. The title of this episode is somewhat revealing, "The Drugs Olympics". What could be in this episode? Would it center on drug use in college? Let's see the synopsis of this episode plus a little review of the episode from someone who has watched it already, here it is:

Watch Blue Mountain State Season 1 Episode 6

Recent losses inspire the team to hold a special lock-in at the Goat House as part of a team building exercise, but the night takes a bizarre turn when Alex and Thad split the players up into groups for a risky competition involving drugs.

Denise Roy trying to be responsible with the girl with no arms was interesting but it did not last because you can not hold back someone who wants to have fun.Denise was also involved in getting Craig Shilo into a sex marathon.The opening scene with the bet at the bar was classic and a nice moment of girl power in this insanely macho universe.The drunken coach looking for a wrestling match had all the absurd elements that make this show great.The “one team-no team” jokes at the bar were pretty funny.Another line that we liked “the teacher becomes the blaster.” The conclusion of the episode is that the team needs a new beginning.

If you would like to watch this episode, you can do so by visiting any one of the many websites out there that has the streaming video of this episode. If you happen to be lazy when it comes to searching then just use this URL, I found it a few days ago and it is an external website where you can Watch Blue Mountain State Season 1 Episode 6 in full via streaming, here is the URL:


  1. Anonymous said...

    what's the name of the song when you see the footballteam on drugs for the first time?  

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