Watch Skins Season 4 Episode 4. "Katie", that's the title of this new episode. I am sure that you are now thinking that this episode revolves around Katie. Of course it really revolves around Katie. Here is the episode synopsis:

Katie has not seen Emily much since she went to live with Naomi. With her mother now the only breadwinner for the family with her new wedding planning business, Katie tries to help her organise a wedding but things don’t go to plan. Katie ends up turning to Emily for support but things just end up getting worse for her.

Watch Skins Season 4 Episode 4
I know that there is nothing else you want to do right now except watch this episode. So I will not hold you any longer, I will give you the URL of the external website where you can Watch Skins Season 4 Episode 4 in full via streaming. Just copy and paste this URL into your browser and hit the Enter key:


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