Watch The Deep End Season 1 Episode 5. "An Innocent Man". That's the title of this new episode. This episode centers on how justice comes by so hard for some people and it takes persons like Dylan and Liam to bring it out. Here is the episode's synopsis:

Realizing they’re the only ones who believe their client is innocent, Dylan and Liam form a bond together. Meanwhile, Addy’s long-distance boyfriend arrives unexpectedly with a plan of his own.

Watch The Deep End Season 1 Episode 5
You can watch this episode online via streaming, there are tons of websites out there that stream your favorite TV episodes including this episode. If you don't feel like searching for those sites right now, just use the URL I have included in this post, it will bring you to an external website where you can Watch The Deep End Season 1 Episode 5 in full:


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