Watch Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 5. This new series is really good, it has the ability to creep into you slowly, with every episode it gets into you deeper. Now a new episode has come and it is entitled "Turtle Undefeated". I do not really have a clue what the title is pointing to so let us see the episode synopsis to understand why:

Off to a rocky start at her new school, Lux offers to throw a party in Baze’s loft in an effort to impress the high school quarterback, Jones, and his friends. Cate worries that her relationship with Lux will never measure up to the bond Lux has so easily made with Baze.

Watch Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 5
If you are one of those who can't afford to miss an episode of this beautiful series then be happy because you can watch this one online because I have here in this post the URL of the site where you can Watch Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 5 in full via streaming, here is the URL of the site:


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