Watch Brothers and Sisters Season 2 Episode 15. "A Valued Family" is this episode's title. In this episode we see some developments in how Kitty see's Robert's senate seat. Is all because of his campaign manager? Let's see the episode synopsis to have an overview of the episode:

Kitty throws her hat in the ring for Robert's senate seat with Buffy (Cheryl Hines) as her campaign manager; Sarah reconnects with Luc (Gilles Marini) for Valentine's Day; Holly reaches a decision about her future at Ojai.

Watch Brothers and Sisters Season 2 Episode 15
Don't fail to watch this episode if you do not want to miss how Kitty "throws her hat in the ring". But it is not only that, there are a lot more to watch out for in this episode. You can Watch Brothers and Sisters Season 2 Episode 15 online via streaming, just visit this URL, it has the streaming video on it:


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