Watch Blue Mountain State Season 1 Episode 8. Wow, once again, a new episode of this really good series has come and it is entitled "LAX". Blue Mountain State is one of the hottest series today so you must not miss asingle episode. Here is the summary of this new episode:

When Alex has sex with a lacrosse player's girlfriend, he unwittingly breaks a 23-year football/lacrosse team truce, causing a take-no-prisoners war which he must figure out how to end.

Watch Blue Mountain State Season 1 Episode 8
I know that you could not wait anymore, you want no other thing to do at this very moment except watch this episode online now. I happen to have stumbled upon the website where you can Watch Blue Mountain State Season 1 Episode 8 in full via streaming. Here is the URL of the website, just copy and paste this into your brower to enjoy this episode now:


  1. Talent Watcher said...

    BLue Mountain State is a story about three newbie football players on their first time in college. See how they deal with the changes and how they train and cope with their senior players and coaches in this SpikeTV show.  

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