Watch Nip/Tuck Season 7 Episode 7. The title of this new Nip/Tuck episode is "Christian Troy II". The decline of the popularity of cosmetic surgery has affected Sean and Christian's business and they need to do something about it. Here is the synopsis of the episode:

Concerned that cosmetic surgery is no longer in vogue, Sean and Christian make a unique attempt to market their surgical practice to boost a lagging clientele. Liz goes on a date with a pharmaceutical representative who is separated from her husband. Christian's unconscious existential crises, including his loss of Kimber, come to light.

Watch Nip/Tuck Season 7 Episode 7
This episode can be watched at any of the many websites around that stream TV episodes. But I know that you probably do not know where to find these kinds of websites. I happen to have discovered one of these sites and I am sharing it to you, just copy and paste into your browser the URL I have below so that you will be able to Watch Nip/Tuck Season 7 Episode 7 in full:


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