Watch Casualty Season 24 Episode 25. "Past Lives" is the title of this new episode of Casualty. In this episode a new doctor arrives in the casualty department an this affects May in a certain way. Here is the episode's synopsis:

May’s feathers are ruffled by the arrival of new doctor Robert Boulter in the casualty department. New doctor Matt Strong has his heart on impressing Zoe. When a bereavement counsellor talks to Adam he gets more than he bargained for.

Watch Casualty Season 24 Episode 25
Don't fail to watch this episode online because you'll love how May's feathers is ruffled here, it's something that you should not miss seeing. Anyways, let's go directly to where you can Watch Casualty Season 24 Episode 25 online via streaming, here is that external website where you can enjoy this episode:


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