Watch Skins Season 4 Episode 3. Cook. That is the title of this episode. Why Cook? It is because this episode revolves around how big a trouble Cook is into after what he did at a party. How big is the trouble he's into? Just watch this episode if you would like to know or if you want a quick glance, just read the synopsis of this episode:

Cook is charged with GBH after loosing it at a party and he deices to plead not guilty in court. He ends up being given bail but has to be electronically tagged and is put on a curfew which means he has to stay with his mother. He also ends up being expelled from college. Cook receives a visit from Effy who decides to be honest with the way she feels.

Watch Skins Season 4 Episode 3
You can watch this episode via some website that has the streaming video of this episode on their pages. There are hundreds of such websites and it is easy to find them, I have one example, here is an external website where you can Watch Skins Season 4 Episode 3 in full via streaming:


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