Watch CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 14. "In the Wind" is the title of this new CSI MIami episode. This is another exciting episode that will surely be worth the 45 minutes you spend in front of your computer. It's about how justice is so difficult to come by that it needs heroes to make it work like the way it should be.

The CSIs have 24 hours to find out if a man on death row is truly guilty, and Eric Delko returns to work the case.

This is surely a very interesting episode and you should not miss it. If you've missed this episode when it was aired, you can still watch it. You can watch it online via streaming. There are many sites out there that serve the purpose of providing people like you the chance to watch their missed TV episodes online, here is one such site (not mine) where you can Watch CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 14 via streaming:


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