I was checking my articles for comments on this blog when I noticed one of the reaction of a new friend. It's amazing how we meet new friends through the net and particularly in my blog c: He doesn't know me but he made a 2nd rendition of my avatar. Yes he commented on my avatar when I returned his visit, I was surprised to see that Caram made a face that he hasn't seen yet in person. He just based it on my avatar and how he thinks I would look like . Thanx dear for the caricature. I really liked it that's why I'm posting it here in thanks to you my new artist friend c:


  1. Caram said...

    It is amazing how the web brings us together.
    I am currently sitting in my flat in somewhat sunny Berlin, working away, and at the same time we are having a conversation over in the Philippines.

    Yet, I do have to make a clarification: I would not presume to make an Avatar for someone I have never met, as it would probably not correspond to the personality of the person in question, not to mention hurting their sensibilities.

    It was inspired by your avatar, certainly, and was done with the person who lead me to the site in mind, but, unless you want it to be, it is not a remake of your avatar, which has a very different personality from the one I made. Maybe it could be a representation of a different side of you, again,if you want it to be.

    To caricature someone, you have to have at least a fleeting knowledge of the person you are representing, and even though I hate to turn down such praise, any caricature was fully unintentional.

    Of course, after some time, after we have been friends for a bit longer and I know a bit more about who you are, and vice versa, it may still happen. Maybe even in Mangavatar form :>)  

  2. iceah said...

    ow, it's ok c: i like the way you made it c: it's the clothes and the earings of the avatar is what I in some time chose.also right now the hair you made is what I styled my hair today. And i only chose the dress of my avatar is because my hubby chose it.

    And yes making a caricature for someone tells that you have a certain knowledge of the person you have drawn.

    i'm deeply sorry that you maybe misunderstood me too. i was not disappointed of your avatar.I'm sorry also that i thought it was me :( maybe i was too excited to get it that i thought it was me because you also linked my blog with it c:

    anyway thanx for explaining things. You are a bit mature in thinking despite of your age and i'm impressed at how you had explained things here c: you made me smile still c: your good c: and you are an artist in your own style c: may I know what your work is? c:  

  3. Berryblitz said...

    uso na ba talaga itong new manga pic? hehehe

    i think i should create one too!!!  

  4. Berryblitz said...

    by the way, i love your mangavatar!!!  

  5. iceah said...

    thanx gusto ko din natuwa nga ako yan nga nagpalambot ng puso ko when my hubby made me a hand painted pic of me and ung oil portrait ko c:  

  6. Caram said...

    Something I hadn't noticed up to now… you smile upside down!

    While everyone uses this :) to smile, you use c: !
    I learn something new every day.

    No need to apologise, I just felt a need to clarify that the Avatar was not intended to be you, but if did turn out to be similar, all the better! And the post was slightly misleading. I vow betterment in future!

    As you probably guessed, I'm a graphic designer who moonlights as a part-time diplomat :-)>  

  7. Gem said...

    I think I like this one.

    Will you be replacing the one with your profile?  

  8. iceah said...

    nope, i thought this was me he explained to me that he experimented the avatar maker... kaya nga i posted "i thought..." gets mo hehe c:  

  9. Caram said...

    And to wrap all of this discussion about Mangavatars up, I think I've added the last bit to the "New Face" post. No relation to the Anger post up there, by the way.  

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