My nephew Ez-j told me about these cool dudes who makes novelty videos that they upload to Youtube.These dudes, who are brothers started out with a video they uploaded on whim to Youtube on February 2007. That video was made just for fun, they never planned to become famous but fame found them. Now, just a year later, they are superstars and has a TV segment in the Philippines. Here's an article about them. And now they also have a website. Below are some of their Youtube videos.

They have 22 videos in Youtube and they have already around 7 million hits. Two thumbs up to these two cool dudes.


  1. popcorn said...

    HI, found your blog through a link in Berryblitz's site.

    I love this post, tawa ako nang tawa sa videos, kala ng iba dito crazy ako :P  

  2. iceah said...

    proudly pinoy yan c: am glad you like it c: hanapin mo yung iba pa nila masaya c: thanx for dropping by c: balik lang for more c:  

  3. Samara said...

    haha. They're funny. I remember a video of 2 japanese sisters singing karaoke. They made similar expressions as the boys. The sisters however also had a dance choreography. I wonder if these guys also have some videos of them dancing? It was lucky for them to get 1M hits. They look stupid and funny. Well, it should be a compliment though. :P  

  4. iceah said...

    not only 1 but 7 M hits my dear and their really good. they have other videos in other songs in the you tube c: there is also another set of girls who followed them but not that funny though c:  

  5. Cidy said...

    Thanks for sharing this video...Natatawa talaga ako. Have to share this also to my friends...heheheh!  

  6. iceah said...

    glad to share it arround cause it's proudly Filipino made c:  

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