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Visiting my friend Maricris's blog made me smile. It brings memories of my childhood.We Filipinos really have siesta time. I remember when I was still small we have time to go to the beach every saturday in Dagupan City. We go to Sanfabian Beach( not the white sand type though). If not we go to the movies. It's a way of bonding time for our family. Also unwinding time for my parents. I enjoy those times c:

I decided to join in Maricris's Siesta Saturdays. Sounds fun and something to share around would be inspiring c: Thanx sis c:

Here's our question of the day:

What is your "security blanket" when you're feeling blue or lost ?

My security blanket is praying.
Makes me feel lighter because I get to pour out my hurts and fears to God.


  1. Purpled Sky said...

    hi girl! thanks for dropping by my site and commenting. love your blog :-) I'll be sure to come back  

  2. iceah said...

    thanx for dropping by as well c: hi to Xophia c:  

  3. chumly said...

    I like the blue bug the best.  

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