My husband is into digital arts. He likes doing magic with graphics and stuff. He loves reading books about graphic arts. He's got tons of it in his book shelves and in our PC's hard drive. He could spend hours in front of the computer creating digital masterpieces. He's now on the process of creating a blog or a website where he can put all the graphics he's created. He also encouraged me to try Photoshop. So I started taking lessons from him even if I was intimidated at first, what with the many tools and buttons that I need to know and understand. He's a good teacher because he was able to make me understand the otherwise difficult to understand Photoshop stuff like masking, layers, and the cheats that you can do with them. My first real Photoshop masterpiece is shown below. This image actually comes from two images. The first image is that of my son and the other image which is used as the background is from a a wall paper from my collection. I hope you like my first Photoshop masterpiece.

This is the original image

This is my first Photoshop masterpiece

I'll be posting more about my Photoshop journey in the future, so watch out for them :)


  1. Gem said...

    Yah.. I saw this, in his Violet Moon blog. It's like something out from a Naruto show. It's a perfect blend!  

  2. iceah said...

    gandahan nga ako para syang si anakin ang tingin ko lang c: fan din kc ako ng starwars c:  

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