Our little gold fish seems sick. Stays in the bottom of the fish tank a lot. I noticed that since we started the business of having a gold fish and a few variety of fish in our house we had bought about 6 more. 2 varieties every month. Why? Because they died one by one. The root of the problem? Was that I kept on changing the tanks water 2x a week. Meaning we haven't got a filter to do all the cleaning. I thought it wasn't essential (thought it just now huh). Well our fishes were stressed and now I just bought them a filter and they seem relaxed now. Thank goodness for that c:


  1. Chatabox Girl said...

    We have a filter and was told to NOT clean the water because tap water would kill them. Well my partner was so scared to do it that one poor fish died from all the Alge! (sp??) So we have been told to change 1/4 of the water once a week and 1/2 every month. This measn that there is clean water going in, but the filtered water is still there.

    Its really helped. I hope your fishies will be ok!  

  2. iceah said...

    thanx for the advice my dear c: that info would definitely be noted thanx so much c:  

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