Today I went to the market to buy vegetables and here's my list:

15 pesos - 4 pcs. corn (med)
7 - 4 pcs. carrots (med)
20 - 1 bunch cauliflower
20 - 1 pack young corn
5 - 1 tali of onion leeks
10 - 1 pack green beans
77 pesos

Wow I couldn't believe it at first because when I was in Luzon I couldn't buy vegies like cauliflower, young corn, and carrots that cheap. To think that these vegies are usually seen in the groceries and scarce in the wet market. If it's in the wet market it's expensive kasi kinukuha pa sa Baguio yan( is transported from Baguio). And so if it reaches our market it's expensive na kasi malayo pinangalingan. I think I paid for my moneys worth. Specially now that all prices are going up. c:


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