I was blog hopping when I stumbled into this site where you get to make your own manga avatar. I've always wanted to have a caricature or a manga version of me c: I was so excited, so I tried it. You get to choose the facial features nearest yours and even your clothes and accessories etc. Finally I got it. Although this is what I want with my hair. When I was a teen I like short hair. I usually cut my hair short. Thanx to FaceYourManga . Go ahead and try it, it's fun c:


  1. Caram said...

    Brilliant! Adopted this immediately as a new profile pic. Thanx from someone you don't know.


  2. iceah said...

    your welcome dude c: i'm glad you like it too c: i'll visit back to you c:  

  3. Caram said...

    Thanx for visiting!
    The pics (on the right) are sometimes mine, sometimes random blog content… to figure out which is which, you'll have to explore a bit ;-)>  

  4. Cidy said...

    I love it..I should try this one too..hehehe  

  5. iceah said...

    try it dear it's fun c:  

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