We have an only child, a boy who is so full of life. He is always full of energy, we do not know where he gets it. He is always everywhere in the house, putting his inquisitive little fingers on everything that is too fragile for his probings, we always feel as if we have a dozen kids. He is too much too often mischievous but we know that his nature is good. The mischief is just a spice that adds a different flavor to his sweetness. He probably just looks up to his daddy who too much too often teaches him some little ways of doing mischief the cute child's way. I have the feeling that his daddy was a mischievous child then. Our world revolves around him, every decision that we make is somehow influenced by his existence. He is our son, our only child, Joshua Daniel. We have a lot of dreams for him.

Every parent has dreams of their child being the best among the rest, the genius, the superkid. But where do we get the standard for the super kid? Do we have the super kid when our three-year-old flawlessly executes on violin Paganini's 5th Caprice like the way it is in some milk commercial on TV? Do we have the super kid when our three-year-old paints like Da Vinci? If we see it that way we will never have the super kid.

When Josh was around two his daddy said that by the age of three he should be able to play the guitar. But now our Josh seems to be more interested in percussion, he loves making good noise with his daddy's African drum. He would often choose the drums over the guitar when visiting the mall.

His daddy is an artist (he used to paint) so it is only natural for him to expect his son to become good at art too. When we bought him his first set of crayons (he was two then) we were somewhat disappointed to see that he was somehow not interested in drawing the shapes that we were trying to make him copy. But just a few months after that, when his daddy brought home a watercolor set, things changed. We saw our son's interest in that medium. It only took a couple of days before all the colors in the set were exhausted. Our little boy fell in love with the brush and the paint. He spent many hours experimenting with the different effects the wet brush could have on the paper. He ignored his playmates for the brush. We just watched our son enjoying his art.

Every day we discover something new about our boy, little things that make him our super kid. Now he is addicted to computer games and this has caused him to become better at his alphabet. In his favorite website, Miniclip.com, there is a list of more than a hundred games, anyone who wants to go back to a particular game must know how to read because to go to the game you need to click the name of the game in the list. My son has some favorite games of his in that site. He knows his alphabet but he is not that good at reading yet. His daddy found a very good opportunity to teach him how to read. Children learn when the motivation to learn something is there. My son is motivated to learn to read because of the game.

Now I realize that every child is a super kid. If we just learn how to see the little wonders that a child could learn and do every day, we will see the super kid in every child and we will be more fulfilled as parents.


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