I was visiting and making my rounds this morning when I stumbled upon this cool blog named Say Cheezee. I was thinking that it sounds like a sentimental blog because he/she ( no info in the profile about the gender of the owner of the blog) used the word Cheezee. For us Filipinos using the word cheezee reminds us of those sentimental movies...specifically romantic ones.

When I saw his/her actual blog I can't help but laugh and smile c: Such a cool blog my friend! I realize that what he/she means by the word cheezee was that he/she used the way people would ask their subjects in a photo shoot to smile by saying "Say Cheez".
For Say Cheezee blog 2 thumbs up. You made my day, you made me smile. A Definite WOW for me c:


  1. Zen Ventures said...

    wow that's cool. Btw, how do you copy an entire screen? I want to do that but don't know how to. Care to share the trick?  

  2. iceah said...

    When you are at the site you would like to copy, just hit "Print Screen" in your keyboard and then open any paint program (the default MS Paint is good enough) and paste what you have captured in there by hitting Ctrl+V. Save it as JPEG then you have your whole screen screen shot :) You can reduce its size so that it will load faster in your page. You may use XP'x default picture manager to reduce the size of the image to something that is light enough to load quickly :)  

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