Do you remember Gary Coleman? That cute kid of that long ago TV series Different Strokes? Of course you remember him. But do you know what has become of him? It seems that he's not having a good time right now, he has just got involved in a crime and his mugshot has just been released today. Below is the Gary Coleman Mugshot . Here's a little news about him from Associated Content:

Gary Coleman's mugshot was released today after his arrest on Sunday following a domestic disturbance involving his wife in Utah. Coleman is currently being held by Utah authorities as there was another outstanding warrant for his arrest after he allegedly tried to run over a man in a parking lot with his car. Coleman's mug shot show a man with a dramatically different look than he had while playing the cherubic Arnold on the hit 1980's sitcom Diff'rent Strokes. The mugshot has a somewhat creepy looking Coleman with his head bowed and eyes up looking vacantly into the camera.

Gary Coleman Mugshot


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