Watch Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 13. At last it is here, the new episode of Dollhouse, this episode is entitled "Epitaph Two: Return". What is in this episode that makes it a must-see? Just read the episode synopsis:

It’s 2020, and Topher’s virus has eliminated the problem of broadcast imprinting, but the remnants of the blanking and imprinting still remain, creating the world seen in Epitaph One. Topher has a fix, though… but it requires a return to the place where it all began, and may well cost some lives in the process.

If you want to watch this episode now online, don't waste your time searching for the page where you can enjoy it because I have aURL of the site where you can Watch Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 13 in full via streaming, here it is:

Watch Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 13


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