Watch Fringe Season 2 Episode 14. In this new episode which is entitled "The Bishop Revival", the Fringe team investigates the mysterious suffocation of a number of people in a wedding banquet. Here is the synopsis of this episode:

When a specific group of guests at a wedding in Brookline, MA, suffocate from the inside out, the upsetting and disconcerting crime scene has the Fringe team investigating how the toxin was delivered and targeted. As evidence is taken into the lab, it’s discovered that the wedding ceremony was a testing ground for a weaponized science experiment. Adding to the intense lab investigation, Walter uncovers an alarming formula that reveals a link to a branch on the Bishop family tree. With the escalating threat of more deadly attacks and unexpected familial ties to the case, the Fringe team stops at nothing to prevent further catastrophic events.

You can catch this episode online and enjoy it via streaming. There are tons of websites that has the video embedded on their page, here is an example of a website where you can Watch Fringe Season 2 Episode 14 via streaming:

Watch Fringe Season 2 Episode 14


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