Legend Of The Seeker Season 2 Episode 8 is entitled "Light". Here's a one line that will give you a peek of what this episode could bring you:

When the evil Mord'Sith Denna takes Zedd captive, Richard must abandon his mission to rescue the wizard.

If you are at a loss about how to catch this episode online, just look below this post, just above the screen shot of one of the scenes from the episode, you'll see a URL that if followed will bring you to an external website that allow streaming of the full episode. There are many other websites that has the video stream but to make your life easier, I included in this post one random link from the hundreds that has the stream. Remember that this link is an external link and I don't have control over it, but just check it out, here it is:


Legend Of The Seeker Season 2 Episode 8


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