My Life as Liz Season 1 Episode 1 is something that you should not let pass by without watching. This new TV series revolves around the life of Liz, a highschool student. Here is the synopsis of this series:

“My Life as Liz” explores high school life through the eyes of Liz Lee, a precocious, sometimes sarcastic, always witty teenage girl trapped in a conservative Texas town. Ever the outsider, the series explores Liz’s attempt to make the best of her senior year by carving out a place of her own among her more “normal” peers. While Liz’s off-kilter outlook and impeccable comedic timing make her journey of self-discovery an often humorous one — her openness and honesty allow viewers to bear witness to the truest and most tender moments of being a teenage girl.

You can watch this episode via online streaming, there are many websites that aloow visitors to watch streaming videos of TV shows. Here is one example, an external website that streams My Life as Liz Season 1 Episode 1, here is the URL :

My Life as Liz Season 1 Episode 1


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