Watch Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 2. This new series has become one of the most followed today. The second episode is entitled "Home Inspected". Many things are happening in this episode so you should not miss it, here is the episode's synopsis:

A social worker visits Cate and Baze in order to decide whether or not they are fit parents. Lux is faced with a dilemma when her boyfriend, Bug, and best friend, Natasha, both think that Cate and Baze won’t be around permanently and that it would be best for Lux to return to her life in the foster care system. Meanwhile, the radio station pressures Cate to deny she has a daughter in order to save her job.

To watch this episode you have to get to any one of the sites that has the streaming video embedded on their pages. I did a little searching and I found one such external website, check it out, it is in that site where you can Watch Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 2 in full, here it is:

Watch Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 2


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