Medium Season 6 Episode 12 is entitled "Dear Dad", this is the latest episode of this series. If you are a Medium fan I am sure that you'd be interested to know what this new episode brings. Well, here is what you'll have if you watch this episode: you'll see how Devalos handle himself during the anniversary of the death of his daughter. Allison dreams about something that would lead to the key to the real story behind Devalos' daughter's death. And you'll see how Bridgette meets someone as she works in the library.

Now that you've got a bird's eye view of this episode, I am sure that you want to watch it. Well, you can easily cath it from any one of those many websites that allow people like you to watch TV episodes via streaming. I came upon one of those sites and here is the URL for that site, go, check it out:

Medium Season 6 Episode 12


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