Ugly Betty season 4 Episode 10. "The Passion of the Betty" is the title of this episode. Here Betty is worried that the time she spends with Matt is more than enough that is why she attempts to make him turn his attention to something else sometimes. This leads her to arrange a surprise gallery exhibit of Matt's artwork. But what she intends to be the out come out does not happen, it instead leads to something unexpected, something not so good.On the other hand, Marc thinks that the woman he had a one night stand with is falling in love with him.

You can watch this episode online via streaming. There are lots of websites that allow people to watch episodes online, I found one, here it is, the URL of the site where you can watch Ugly Betty season 4 Episode 10, just copy and paste it into your browser's address bar and then hit enter:

Ugly Betty season 4 Episode 10


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